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Welcome to Mrs. Dawson's English III classroom!




Google classroom is mandatory and should be completed ASAP.  This is for students only--parents do not need to join as this is where future work will take place.


Google Classroom Login Information:  

1.  Go to www.classroom.google.com

2.  Click on the plus sign in the top right hand corner and "join class."

3.  Then, type in the password for your hour:

                    4th:  ncsm6vf


                    8th:  psddv7a



Week of 3/17-3/22:  Complete the practice test for SAT Reading (65 minutes) AND Writing and Language (35 minutes)--We are using practice test 10 on College Board.  Go the following website and scroll all the way down:  https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/practice/full-length-practice-tests.  The tests, answers, and scoring guides will also be in the folder to the right, but they were also sent via email on 3/17.


Various power points for both tests will also be in the folder.  These include both test prep and grammar rules that will be encountered.


When taking the tests, time yourself accordingly in a quiet place such as a desk or kitchen table.


Week of 3:23-3/29:  First, you must go through the Prezi about the SAT Essay.  It is different from other assessment essays and students must have clear expectations of what to do.  The practice essay is also from SAT test 10.


Prezi:  https://www.scoop.it/topic/sat-by-leslie-dawson


In the SAT folder to the right, there will be a note page to take notes on the Prezi along with a rhetorical device page that can be utilized for the essay.


After viewing the Prezi and taking notes, time yourself (50 minutes) writing a 5-paragraph essay--no more, no less.





"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."--Benjamin Franklin



***Please click on the Weekly Assignments tab on the right to access work for the week.


***You may also choose a folder that pertains to the current unit we are studying.  It should include handouts and power points.

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